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Treatment tables we LOVE - FINALLY!

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2020

My colleague Laurie and I have been thinking about our workstations. A LOT. For a long time. I can't even tell you how long, but years. The ergonomics can be tough - to help someone (tall or short) with their hand or arm AND to have all the tools, forms, computer, and gear you need within reach.

We finally made these new tables - they raise and lower (quietly and smoothly) with an electric motor to match the height needed for us and our patients. The tops are custom cut (by one of our former patients!), big enough (48.5"x24") to hold the computer and gear, but small enough (6" deep cut out) to be able to reach our people and maintain good eye contact.

The electric base - and the chairs - were purchased on Amazon, and the plastic sheets for the top are 1/2" King Starboard ST and were purchased from Interstate Plastics. Our friend Randy cut the large sheets into the shape/size we wanted and rounded and smoothed the edges. 

We finally made our idea a reality, we love them, and we are SOOOO grateful to Randy!!  I am also tremendously grateful to Laurie who designed the tops, picked the bases, picked up the plastics, and assembled them when we had both parts.  


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