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SHARING THE FIRE is an 6 session, high-octane group coaching program.  We meet online, from your home or office, and provide support, ideas, resources, problem-solving, and collaboration on clinical, business, or life issues.  We create a vision for the future and take action on strategies and steps to move us toward that vision.

For each of you who have said, "we should do this more often!" when we get together... THIS IS FOR YOU!

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We each have untapped FIRE within us - the inspiration and desire to follow our vision!  Come be inspired, and inspire others at the same time!

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We each face FIRE in our daily lives - pressures from home, work, or our own minds.  Handling that pressure is easier with supportive colleagues.

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The idea of "sitting around the FIRE"... pausing for a moment at a campfire or fireplace with friends to reflect and to strengthen each other.

Take the road less traveled.

What's in it for you?
- A pause to "sharpen your tools".
- Ideas from others that might benefit your business.
- Feedback from other entrepreneurs and a coach.
- Accountability
- A regular chance to talk with JoAnn.

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Ready to Share the Fire?

You will get more than that back in value than you pay or I will refund your money!  I am only inviting people that are WORTH IT to make this commitment to each other.

Three months of weekly sessions included.

Wednesdays from 1:00-2:30 pm Pacific time.

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