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Staying well during the Coronavirus - my thoughts on health and business

All I can say is “whew”!  I am tired - no doubt so are you. What a strange and unprecedented (in our lifetimes) time we are living through.  We all have felt the fear and uncertainty and interruption and challenge.  Thank you to each of you who have communicated with me in one way or another – practice owners trying to decide what “the right thing” is to do about their businesses or sharing tips to valuable information, and co-workers concerned for both our patients and their own safety, as well as stability.  It all helps.

With that in mind, I want share what we are doing at our hand therapy clinic in Lynnwood, WA (spoiler alert – we are not planning to close unless advised to do so by health authorities) and what I anticipate we will do.  I want to share a little bit about telehealth, particularly for hand therapy.  Finally, I want to focus on the opportunities and the good that can come out of all the uncertainty....

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